Dieter Kühnemundt

chief executive officer

I was born in Hamburg at 21. February 1955,did my final secondary-school examinations in 1974, served two years in the German Army as a Communicator and finished as an Engineering & Business Graduate at the University of Karlsruhe in 1986. My Final diploma thesis was in Material Science. Since this time I was working as a Sales Engineer for Company like SKF, INA, HIWIN, SBC and Thomson, always as Specialist for Ball Screws.

In the year 2000 I was hired by Danaher as Product Manager for Ball Screws. Danaher owned Warner Electric the oldest German Ball Screw manufacture and was buying Thomson the oldest American Ball Screw manufacture two years later., Followed by Neff 2004. My responsibility was the technical development for all three Companies. In Danaher I was leading and participate in some Kaizens (Training sessions in DBS with is comparable with Toyota Business System) in Production and Engineering. For two Years I was also responsible for Production of Rolled Ball Screws.

photo of Dieter Kuehnemundt

Since 2011 I am working in my own Company selling and repairing Ball Screws. My Cooperation partner are :

MICRON in Ukraine
(Ball Screw Manufacture and Supplier for Warner Electric and Thomson since more than 25 years)
We buy nuts for rolled ball screws and ground ball screws
SBC Linear in Korea.
We buy rolled screws and support units
Metalint Bergamo in Italy
(supplier for shafts) We buy linear shafts and deep hardened and grind shafts for ballscrews.

Almir Pekusic

Technical Director

I was born in Nürtingen at 5th of December 1977 and did my training as industrial mechnic at 1996. Up to 1999 I was working at Warner Electric in the Assembling department where I was involved in building up the rolling Department responsible for Setup, Rolling Hardening and Measurement. 2002 I finished my education as industrial business management assistant. During this time I was working in the Repair Department of Warner Electric. Up to 2004 I was leader of this department responsible from goods receipt up to Invoice. Up to 2008 I was working as technical buying agent in the now renamed Company THOMSON NEFF GmbH, responsible for our sub supplier Micron from Ukraine.

photo of PekusicAlmir