As supplier of linear products we also supply you with repair of ball screws from all suppliers.

Your benefit is the short planning horizon to run your Machine again. You have a price advantage and you get back your repaired ball screw in a short time, no question witch producer or quality level (rolled or grind). Also we can do with costs a technical drawing as well as a cost free Quote for a new ball screw.

If you notice, that the production quality of your machine gets worse, the surface of your work piece gets more rough, or the preload is to low it would be the right time to rework your ball screw. We do a repair report in beneath 1-2 working days.

The ball screw get disassembled and cleaned, everything will be documented and send to you Following points will be reported:

  1. prove of round running
  2. prove of surface failures of screw/Nut (running path depth, pitting)
  3. Inliner (reflectors) and balls are proved
  4. we prepare a quote for a new ball screw.

befor repair
after repair

We do a repair (lifetime approx. 2-3 years min) or an emergency repair (some weeks) when we cannot do a normal repair. A n emergency repair has the benefit that you can run your machine during the production time of a new ball screw. Please call us, if you plan to recondition your ball screw

  • Your Contact:
  • Almir Pekusic
  • 0171-1851290
  • Almir.Pekusic (at) bk-systemtechnik (dot) de
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